“Sotsui”Fellowship Program for Doctoral Students


This FAQ provides answers to questions that are often received by the program.
(It will be updated from time to time.)

QWill I have to repay the research fellowship in the future?
AThe research fellowship is offered as a benefit and need not be repaid.
QWill I have to pay income tax or resident tax on the research fellowship?
ASince the research fellowship is treated as miscellaneous income, you’ll have to pay income tax and resident tax on it. Additionally, you’ll need to file your taxes every year.
Q I’ve been chosen as a JSPS Research Fellow for Young Scientists. Can I apply for this program as well?
ANo, you cannot. You also can’t apply for this program if you’re receiving a Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship.
QCan unused research funds be rolled over to the next year?
ANo, they cannot. Please plan your use of research funds so as to use them all before the end of the academic year.
QAre there limits on how research funds can be used?
ANo, there are not. For example, it’s fine to use the full amount to cover travel expenses.